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    Silon s.r.o.

    Planá nad Luznici, Prumyslová 451

    +420 381 622112

    Based the outstanding experience with reactive extrusion technologies SILON has developed a range of reactive functionalized polyolefins to offer our customers a complete range of products. TABOND has become the material of choice not only in the pipe industry, but has helped to create solutions in many other industries. The TABOND product line has optimized the bonding of dissimilar polymers used in multilayer products or in filled and blended compounds. Furthermore, TABOND is an essential part of polymer-metal sandwiches, representing a new class of materials with a bright future. Characteristics TABOND represents a premium quality product line based on MAH grafted polyolefins with an extremely wide range of applications. Performance highlights of products, modified or bonded with TABOND are Optimized dispersion of fillers in different matrixes Improved adhesion between polyolefins and other materials Improved mechanical properties and surface quality Applications Multilayer pipes and films, as well as filler-modified and flame-retarded compounds are fast growing modern products, helping to find better solutions in final applications such as Building, construction and infrastructure Automotive and transportation Industrial applications



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